Our Philosophy

Each employee of Galambos Logistic Ltd. is living the philosophy that current generations create the conditions for the next generation and one of the most important conditions is a clean and tidy environment. Therefore it is the obligation of each person and company to protect the environment.


The Motto of our company reflects the ambitions of Galambos Logistic Ltd. concerning environmental protection:

In line with environment

We herewith undertake to continuously improve our impact concerning environmental protection and prevention of pollution.

We would like to ensure

  • compliance with the requirements of our business partners and
  • with social and legal requirements.

In order to fulfil these requirements, environmentally focused management systems are essential. As a result we create harmonization between the goals of the Business and environmental requirements. Therefore Galambos Logistic Ltd. introduces and operates Environment Management System according to the standard of MMSZ EN ISO 14001. We are aware that our environmental awareness brings economic results in addition to environmental protection.

Resulting from aforesaid I, managing director of Galambos Logistic Ltd. declare that:

  • we meet the requirements relating to environmental rules and regulations and other obligations undertaken by the company,
  • we continuously improve our environmental performance and take advantage of the Environmentally Conscious Management System of the company,
  • in case of development we set ourselves objectives, we determine solutions, programs that ensure the effectiveness of our policy,
  • we regulate the working processes of our activities influencing the performance of our Environment Protection Policy, impacting significantly the environment - surface cleaning, handling, warehousing - we keep the regulations concerning state of emergency up-to-date,
  • we try to reduce the specific amount of hazardous waste coming from our processes, and the amount of dangerous and polluting materials needed for operation,
  • we regularly train our employees in order to enhance the environment awareness, we make all workers aware of our Environment Protection Policy,
  • we encourage our subcontractors and suppliers to follow our environment protection guidelines,
  • we monitor environment focused operation and environment protection performance of our company management system, and we take the necessary corrective measures.


Galambos Logistic Kft.
Address: 9751 Vép, Kassai street 73.
GPS: N 47.24271°   E 16.72008°
Phone: +3694500532  
Tax number: 13932129-2-18
Company registration number: 18-09-107183
Banking relationship: Oberbank AG.
Bank account number: IBAN: HU71
HUF 18400010-03407331-20100026
EUR: 18400010-03407331-20101027
Swift Code: OBKLHUHB
Public tax ID number: HU 13932129
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