Galambos Logistic Kft.
Address: 9751 Vép, Kassai street 73.
GPS: N 47.24271°   E 16.72008°
Adószám: 13932129-2-18
Cégjegyzékszám: 18-09-107183
Banking relationship: Oberbank AG.
Bank account number: IBAN: HU71
HUF 18400010-03407331-20100026
EUR: 18400010-03407331-20101027
Swift Code: OBKLHUHB
Public tax ID number: HU 13932129


Galambos Group – in mutual ways to the future!

Accuracy, prompt work, reliable partner relations. Galambos Group – has become an outstanding operator of the logistics services market, due to the determining characteristics of the company group’s progress - is offering professional solutions to its existing and future clients.

What do we offer through our services:
Quality – which enables you to get to a higher level,
Time saving – which represents value,
Competitive advantage – which enables Your company as well to offer quality level services!

Galambos Group was established as Galambos Trans Ltd. was formed by transformation in 2002, then as a reaction to market demands Galambos Logistic Ltd. and Galambos Grill Ltd. were established in 2007.

Logistics centre with the effective solutions in warehousing designed to fulfil our Partners’ needs!

Since November 2007 we have been on a journey of continuous improvements and expanding capabilities with the ambition of meeting the needs of Businesses interested in warehousing services. The High-bay warehouses of the logistics centre are located in Vép, nearby the E65 highway and can easily be approached from the ring road bypassing Szombathely.

Warehouses and capacities:

  • No. I-VI warehouses: warehousing area: 19 000 m2, 16 docking gates, 5 „high-speed doors”, 10 500 EUR pallet storage capacity in multi-bay racking systems, 1800 EUR pallet storage capacity in drive-in racking systems, 10 800m2 bulk storage area, 800 m2 cleaning area of recycling plastic packaking materials (empty box, rolls)
  • No. VII warehouse: 3000 m2 bulk storage area
  • No. VIII-IX tent warehouse: 1100 m2 bulk storage area


  • warehousing
  • value added services: labelling, repackaging, mixing, multipack packaging
  • cross docking
  • production supporting logistics
  • cleaning of rolls, boxes
  • logistics consultation


Our Partners:

  • Schaeffler Savaria Kft.
  • Domino Logistic Kft.
  • Paccor Hungary Kft.
  • Legero Hungaria Kft.
  • Flextronics International Kft.
  • BPW Hungaria Kft.
  • Aptiv
  • CROWN Hungary Kft.
  • Nestlé Hungaria Kft.
  • Vitra Logistik Gmbh
  • Meindl Gmbh
  • Domino Trans Kft.
  • DS Smith Packaging Hungary Kft.
  • Nemotrans Kft.
  • iSi Automotive Hungary Kft.
  • PBN
  • Jungheinrich Hungaria Kft.
  • Linde Kft.
  • ELD Kft.
  • Flaga Zrt.

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