1. Logistics

We are present in the market with a complete integrated customer orientated logistics service. Special innovative creative solutions and value added processes provide our Partners with the services...


2. Management of the empties

The company has over 10 years of experience in cleaning of returnables, assembly of unit loads as well as packaging and storage processes involving various types of returnable packaging materials.


3. Truck parking

„Refreshed back to the road”, 80 spaces for trucks and buses, Floodlights, security barrier, security fence, CCTV, 0-24 security patrols, 0-3 hours parking for free.


2. Management of the empties

In addition to its warehousing services, Galambos Logistic Kft. also offers a high-capacity plastic returnable packaging material washing service,  which can be perfectly integrated into logistics processes and returnable management. 

The company has over 10 years of experience in cleaning of returnables, assembly of unit loads as well as packaging and storage processes involving various types of returnable packaging materials.
Our industrial returnable packaging material cleaning business – currently located on our 800 m² site in Vép but will be relocated to our 1.000 m² site in Szombathely in 2023 – is unique in the region. Management tasks are carried out on our 8.600 m² site, which will be as large as 11.300 m² after planned expansion.  
Our main customers include multinational automotive and food companies. Thanks to ongoing improvements, we provide our customers with superior quality services.

In 2021, our company began to modernise its returnable packaging material cleaning processes with the purchase of three FORCHEM returnable cleaning machines.  

The first of which commenced operational testing in the second half of October 2021 at our site in Vép and is suitable for cleaning small crates or small load carriers. The second unit, which is also capable of cleaning larger returnables, trays and pallets, was installed and passed a commissioning test in March 2022. 

The third machine will be commissioned in 2023 on our new premises in Szombathely, joining the two already operational units.



  • Mechanical box cleaning
  • Mechanical tray and pallet cleaning
  • Manual returnable cleaning
  • Assembly of unit loads
  • Visual inspection
  • Manual cleaning and washing
  • Label removal
  • Packaging
  • Storage
  • Haulage
  • Electronic inventory register








The company is equipped with several FORCHEM MP 150 washers, which operate according to the following principles:

  • They consist of 3 modules.
  • The first module performs washing and rinsing. Chemicals are added in proportion to the water supply within a concentration range of  0,1-5,0%.
  • At the end of the process the rinse water passes through filter paper to continuously remove solid impurities.
  • Rinsing is always done with clean water.
  • The second and third modules are responsible for drying  with pulsating hot air. The tray washer is equipped with a comp-ressed air dryer that includes rotating nozzle system to achieve more ef ficient drying results.
  • Afterwards, the washed and dried returnables can be removed from the conveyor behind the washer. Returnables are moved by a stainless steel chain. The entire (washer) unit is made of stainless steel, facilitating to keep it clean. 


Forchem MP 150 S
Small load-carrier washer

Returnable packaging material sizes:

Minimum width: 270 mm
Minimum length: 200 mm
Minimum height: 40 mm
Maximum width: 420 mm
Maximum length: 710 mm
Maximum height: 380 mm

Washing capacity:

  • Depends on the size and shape of the returnables, the degree of contamination as well as the cleanliness and dryness requirements.
  • 70-400 returnables can be cleaned per hour on average.


Forchem MP 150 2S XXL  
Pallet and tray washer

Returnable packaging material sizes:

Minimum width:55 mm
Minimum length:400 mm
Minimum height: 190 mm
Maximum width: 245 mm
Maximum length: 1500 mm
Maximum height:1000 mm

Washing capacity:

40-130 returnables can be cleaned per hour on average.

In order to provide a quote, it is necessary to test the cleaning of at least one pallet of returnables followed by a comprehensive assessment. Capacity expansion is of high priority to our company and we will ensure the necessary resources.



To safeguard the future of our planet and subsequent generations, our cleaning procedures are environmentally friendly.

  • Owing to our integrated filtration systems, the wash water is recycled, thereby reducing the consumption of water and production of wastewater.
  • We use environmentally friendly chemicals.
  • The wash water and equipment are heated by recycling the hot air generated.
  • By continuously monitoring the quantity of chemicals used, it is possible to reduce our chemical dosage rate.



BENEFITS to our customers:

  • Saving resources and space
  • Constant and satisfactory level of quality during the cleaning processes
  • Storage  space on demand
  • Long-term experience in the cleaning, storage and manage-ment of returnable packaging materials
  • Modern and environmental-friendly technology
  • Continuous development and installation of additional equipment
  • Comprehensive supply chain of returnable packaging materials as well as additional services, e.g. haulage 


If you, your suppliers or
customers need high-quality
cleaning of returnable
packaging materials

For further information and quotes, do not hesitate to contact us!

Balázs Bikali
Business Development Manager

Galambos Office Kft.

Address: HU-9751 Vép, Kassai u. 73.
Mobile: +36 30 676 8334


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